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Wednesday 16 March 2011

This is a top blog? Really? Thanks, I guess

So, apparently a media analysis company named this blog a "top Finnish tech blog" of February. I'm not really sure why, given I post here pretty infrequently, and the majority of my small readership comes from USA (26%, versus Finland 9%, UK 8% and Germany 5%). This is out of about 1000 monthly visits, most of which are coming via search engines to a few older, more reference-style posts like these about wireless sharing and RAID optimization.

The only post I made in February was a rant about about passwords. I wonder if it was that, or the previous posting about web identities which made them pick me on the list. I doubt either will be an influential post over a longer period, and certainly have not collected a massive amount of traffic since their posting. Perhaps it's just the fairly good search ranking some of those reference posts seem to have gathered. The list is a pretty random bunch -- F-Secure, a few daily/weekly gadget blogs, and a couple of relatively infrequently updated blogs sort of similar to this one.

But what does it mean to be named a top blog? Well, they've brought in 3% of the traffic since they released the list on Feb 28th. That gets them spot #7 on traffic sources to, and 9% share of the hits to the front page. There were 10 individual articles in the archive that got more landing visits via references and search engines, though.

Thanks, anyway. I'll try not to have this influence my writing in the future :)

Update: 24 hours later, the tweet about this post has generated 3 times as much traffic as the top-10 listing has done in 2 weeks. I suppose posting this, I've donated more publicity, little as it has been, to Cision than they did to me - and I suspect that is the point of their blog listings in general.

Tuesday 24 July 2007

Day in Lisbon

The first thing today, I called TAP groundforce to find out what's going on with the bag. Was answered pretty much immediately by a woman who politely admonished me for not spending until midnight at the airport but nevertheless agreed to find if my complaint had been filed, which it had, and that there was no further sign of the luggage, as was to be expected. At least I got the reference number, after having spelled my name three times to her. Still, talking to her was as of yet the best part of this experience - at least she sounded efficient.

In any event, after breakfast we took off to see the city. I expect Sanna will post photos, so I'll link to those later. Navigation equipment worked brilliantly, despite a lack of tram line information. So, at least on foot and with public transportation it's good. In a couple of days we shall see whether that holds on the roads, too.

After returning to the hotel, again a call to the agency. This time on hold for 10 minutes, but they claim to have located the luggage and that it will be dispatched to my hotel this evening once their flight from Amsterdam lands. Good thing I told them we'd be leaving one day earlier than we are - otherwise they might have kept it until tomorrow morning. We shall see if their predictions hold true in a few hours. But first, a nice dinner and a drink somewhere.

Update: Wednesday morning, we received the bag, all in full order, thankfully. Nice to have all the necessities again.

Adventures in the world of air travel

Finally, safely if exhausted at the hotel in Lisbon. Us, that is, but not one of our bags. Naturally it would be the one with my toothbrush and painkillers to deal with the wrist. Since it seems I can't travel anywhere without an airline misplacing my baggage, I am starting to seriously question the point of packing in the first place.

This time the dubious honor goes to the combination of Finnair (Helsinki to Amsterdam) and TAP Portugal (Amsterdam to Lisbon), and in particular to the handling agency at the Lisbon airport, who managed to make a lasting impression with their total inability to deal with lost baggage complaints despite several employees seemingly dealing with the complaints. We finally left the airport an hour and a half later, having left a notice form but not receiving any confirmation that anything would be done. Sanna is pretty much convinced we'll never see that bag again.

On a more positive note, at least we know precisely where we are, thanks to the Bluetooth GPS receiver I bought at the airport. Finally I might have a use for the Nokia 770 where the built-in software and its limitations make no difference. Maemo Mapper is awesome.

Monday 16 July 2007


It's again been a while since my previous post. First, it was a feeling that there was nothing worthwhile to write about, at least without having to spend hours thinking about it first. Then I had a biking accident and fractured my left wrist, leaving me rather handicapped as far as computers are concerned. Thanks to Helsinki's Rakennusvirasto for that - it would be nice if the few bike lanes weren't mined with road construction asphalt gravel.

I even entertained the idea of switching to a Mac in order to get decent speech recognition software, given that my laptop blew a gasket (well, busted its fan, at least) the day before. No, that won't happen though - an experiment with one proved that Macs are still, despite their aesthetic appeal, really excellent at infuriating me with their UI. I'm sure that's all fault of my own idiosyncrasies, so no comments of that, please.

A few other things of note have happened. We're closing the end of the latest Habbo update rollout, with this version bringing various usability improvements all around, from password retrieval and friend invites, to a more scalable web store interface. In Finland we're already pilot testing the next version, which has more noticeable new features: tagging and related search functionality and music player on the home pages to mention two. However, since I'm such a metrics-driven incremental improvement freak, to me the most significant events are the rollout of Google Analytics measuring (it's such a nice tool, even if with our traffic it becomes a bit sluggish), and how we're (once again) speeding up our update cycle to twice its previous velocity. I think this is now the third time we do it, and likely the trend will continue at least until we've reached a daily upgrade frequency.

Speaking of Analytics, the updated "social networking" version of the Habbo UK front page showed interesting changes in behavior, with some key metrics producing double-digit improvement. Something must be done about those ads, though... Comments on that vs the other Habbo sites' front pages welcome.

Finally, the corporate Sulake site was also updated last week. I may join the group posting notes in its blog as well, but that will happen after the holidays. Fractured wrist or not, I am looking forward to a few weeks offline. Too bad this forces our vacation plans to a more passive mode - but I suppose that will finally let me catch up on a lot of reading.

Monday 26 March 2007

"Osallistutaan Keskustatunnelin ensimmäisen rakentamisvaiheen hankesuunnitelman laatimiseen"

Olen sanaton

Sunday 25 February 2007


I came back from a two-week snowboarding trip to Zermatt -- my first to Switzerland, and what an excellent trip that was. Great powder, great freeriding, great weather. Will post some photos once I've sorted through them, but in the meantime, Sanna took some as well and posted them to her moblog.

On another note, I haven't mentioned Jim Starkey's comments to my previous post, but they're good reading to everyone interested in MySQL, with clarifications to some things I misunderstood in the documentation. I'm glad to hear that the "serial writes" don't in fact mean just one thread writing, as well as that he believes the engine will at a later stage allow multiple tablespaces per logical database.

Sunday 12 November 2006

Ilmaisia halauksia

Marraskuinen Helsinki todellakin tarvitsee tätä...

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Saturday 28 October 2006

Blog moved

I had to make a choice between finding new hosting for the server running the old, finding an equivalent service somewhere else, or moving to a new type of blog hosting. Since I wasn't all that ethusiastic about continuing to maintain the server anyway, I decided to make use of the blog service of GANDI, my domain registrar.

Unfortunately this switch means the permalinks to the old posts changed. Sorry about that.

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Sunday 30 July 2006

Makea currykana

Nopea wokki 3-4 annosta, valmistuu 15 minuutissa

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Monday 26 December 2005

Happy New Year etc

No updates in a long while, but I hope everyone had a nice Christmas or whatever it is you may celebrate. Happy beginnings to the year 2006!

The picture is actually already a month old, but that's pretty much how it looks like now, too, after a couple of days of snowfall. Great to have snow around again - this is the part about the winter that I love.

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