Oh, hello there! I’ve been very, very quiet, sorry about that. The reason is that I was too occupied with my role at IndoorAtlas building their engineering team and working on the scaling of that platform to pay any attention to writing articles on the side. Well, no longer, so I’ll try to mend my ways. Because this post is of a pretty personal nature, I’m posting it here - the next ones will more likely be on the Metrify blog.

A quick recap of the past year and a half, without going into secrets: IndoorAtlas produces a unique (patented!) solution for locating a mobile device when it is inside a building or otherwise out of reach for the usual, GPS satellite based location systems. Unlike its competitors (among which are Google, Apple and about a hundred of start-ups), IndoorAtlas can do this based on no additional hardware beyond the phone itself. This is thanks to using the sensors on the device plus a computational solution in the cloud. The value of this solution is that every mobile app can be location-enabled, thus contextually smarter, no matter where its user is and whether or not the app developer can control any hardware installations in those places (which they typically can not, beyond limited examples like an airport or shopping mall operator).

In any event, a system like this is not simple to produce and to scale it, we grew the IA research, development and engineering staff by over 100% (and I believe I personally hired 14 of them - great folks each and every one of them, I will miss working with you!). With that team, we achieved quite a few things, put in motion some others and ultimately it was time for me to leave it to the hands of the team. There’s a lot of opportunity ahead for the company, but what I wanted to achieve, and how I wanted to do that, didn’t quite align. I'll be paying close attention though, and expect to see some exciting stuff both in the short and longer term.

What’s next? Well, summer is starting, and I’ve long promised I would build a robot with my daughter, so perhaps that. The past couple of years have been quite interesting in terms of opportunities around devices and sensors, so maybe on the business side, it’s time to start thinking harder about Metrifying something beyond virtual experiences.