So, I've been working all evening on my presentation for next week's Leipzig Games Convention. Its title is the same as the one I had in ION last spring, but I keep digging up this new interesting stuff that just forces me to rewrite everything. I'd never make a great consultant because I wouldn't be happy reusing what I did for the last client. I guess that's why I love the product world instead :)

Anyhow - I'm bummed because I was planning to stay in Leipzig for the entire conference and first day of the expo to meet people and learn new stuff. Instead, it turns out I need to be back in Helsinki on Tuesday, so it's going to be an in-talk-out type of experience - precisely the kind of thing that does not make any sense for conferencing. Can't help it this time, though. If you're at GCDC on Monday though - let me know, would love to make the best of the time available and maximise the people to meet anyway.