Again a week late, but hey, I only need to keep up with this stuff, not comment on it all the time. MySQL changed their minds and turns out the core server will continue to be open source, allowing customers to depend on being able to inspect it if required, extend on any bit as needed, and most importantly, get the benefits of a large community using and testing all features. Thanks for that. I just hope you're going to be consistent about this, for precisely the reason that as a MySQL Enterprise customer, I don't pay you to deliver bits that haven't received that community testing, but to rapidly fix problems if they exist despite that exposure.

It was interesting to hear Monty Widenius comment about it in this week's Open Tuesday event, and I also got to talk to him about attending a MySQL Users session in Helsinki next time I or someone else (anyone? anyone? Bueller?) manage to organize one. Would be nice to hear about the upcoming storage engines straight from the horse's mouth - Monty's Maria effort has certainly been less covered than the Falcon engine I have also commented on, and I can't say to know anything about it myself.