A year ago I made some easy predictions that probably didn't surprise anyone in being true today. Well, okay, corporations may not be much more clued in to Internet technology than a year ago, but all their employees are using Facebook anyway. And I have to say I haven't noticed any DVRs being marketed with Internet video compatibility, but the iPhone and iPod Touch certainly are. Well, I guess so is the AppleTV, but I don't count that, not in Finland.

So, what's up next year? Social networking, again. This time in the form of proprietary platforms that lock consumers in and don't give users the control they deserve (hello, Facebook) starting to lose ground to open networks sharing identity, friends, feeds and activities. Nothing meaningful exists today, not publicly anyway, but that doesn't mean that by next summer something isn't out and gaining users at quartermillion a day.

The continuing convergence of the "desktop PC", "web" and "mobile" application space is another trend that will probably have something very visible to show during 2008. It's time we scrap all our offline-only "productivity" applications, Word and Excel included, and move on to a world where documents live in the cloud - but so that they work on airplanes and other offline situations, too. Well, I hope it happens, but what's easy to predict is that corporations fail to catch on for another couple of years at least, and workers continue to email revisions around and waste hundreds of hours merging changes and recreating crashed files.