Apparently there's tomorrow a European Web 2.0 startup award thing in Madrid, that's already gained a bit of publicity in terms of "er, who?" type of comments. I'd have to agree -- despite obviously needing to follow the industry from a professional point of view, none of these nominees are anywhere on my radar. And all of them seem to be a lot of me-too action. Yawn.

So, is it that all European Web 2.0 stuff is me-too, or not startup, or just hasn't bothered with the competition? I'd incline to say either of the latter two. There's plenty of cool stuff happening - us, of course (cool Web 2.0 I mean, not as a startup), Jaiku, Star Doll, and Zopa to name a few.

I do find it amusing though that the competition is using Pligg as a submission and voting tool. Pligg, of course, shares its history with Meneame, one of the finalists in the competition.